Friends of Antrim Creek Natural Area (FOACNA) supports the mission of the Antrim Creek Natural Area (ACNA) Commission which is: “To manage the site as a  natural area, to protect the diversity and fragile features found on the property and keep it accessible for

recreational and educational use by the public.”

The Antrim Creek Natural Area is located in Banks Township, Antrim County, Michigan.
It is comprised of 156 acres of land containing nearly one mile of shoreline on Grand Traverse Bay.  This is the largest stretch of contiguous, undeveloped shoreline remaining within the entire 132 miles of bay coastline between Norwood and Northport. It supports an incredible array of natural diversity including hardwood forest, forested wetland, conifer swamp, shrub thicket, meadow, wet meadow and coastal dune.  It supports a wide range of flora and fauna including federal and state listed threatened plat species.  This is a rare and unique coastal ecosystem without equal.

-Master Plan for the ACNA, 1998